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The Way - Shepherds Hui

date. 2023

city. Held in Auckland

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Nick and Sarah Fields are heading up a new and vibrant network of New Zealanders, who are committed to the gospel of Jesus through House churches.   In just a couple of years they have gathered people with hearts pumping for doing the life of Christ in local Community.  There are now house church gatherings from Queenstown to the Hibiscus Coast and even overseas.   

The Way hui.png

Built on a coaching model, the leaders of the house churches feel supported and resourced to be able to lead groups that bring the goodness of Christ to their local community.  The Way is keen to equip people to be able to read the bible with people who may never have picked up a bible before in their lives.   Using the Bible Discovery Method they are seeing non believers come to know Jesus. 

Arjay was keen to help the network gather to hold their Shepherd's Hui in Auckland so that their leaders could all meet in person for a time of refreshing, equipping and recommitment to house churches as a way of being the church.


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