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Urban Neighbours of Hope

date. 2022

Randwick Park, Auckland

Community Meeting place

Urban Neighbours of Hope is a ministry operating in Randwick Park in South Auckland.    Dave and his team run a variety of social enterprise organisations to provide hope and a means of employment to people who often miss out on other employment opportunities..


For over a decade Dave and his wife have lived and worked in the area and with the support of local iwi and the city council they have been instrumental in reviving new life into the local community centre and skate park.  Through lawn mowing and bouncy castle businesses and by contracting for various jobs for the council,  they are empowering locals in the community and creating a safe and happy place to be. 


Arjay could see that the entire community would benefit by UNOH having an informal gathering space where whanau and community could meet.  It will be a covered outdoor space where people  could meet before and after working in one of the UNOH social enterprise initiatives.  It will be a place where conversations can be held that make being together so much more than just words.   Watch this space to see updates on the build.

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