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Love Your Neighbour, NZ

date. 2022

Gift towards the work of facilitating chruch wide conversations 

Howard, Lynette, and Bruce head up the Love your Neighbour team, facilitating church wide conversations for churches wishing reimagine what it means for them to be church. 


Post Covid many churches are rethinking what it is that makes their church unique and valuable to their local community.   The Love your Neighbour team uses appreciative inquiry  to gather the thoughts of the people sitting around the table and to provide room for the Holy Spririt to birth exciting visions of what their church could 'be' moving forward. 

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Out of his many experiences with churches, Howard has written a book 'Redemptive Family' to explain a wholly authentic  way of being church.  It is centred around people gathered together as family for a meal, participating together in the rhythms of Christian life, and being missional in a special pllace  - their local neighbourhood

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