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Allanah Ashwell

date. 2023

city. Hamilton

Liturgy and prayer in Te Reo

Allanah is a woman with a heart for creating liturgy and prayers in Te Reo Maori.   She works to bring authentic Maori metaphor and imagery to prayers and psalms.  She believes that Maori people need to hear liturgy and worship of Jesus in their own language and and through Maori eyes.   She has taken time away form her careet to devote herself to the production of new resources for Maori by Maori that will resonate with Maori identity. She currently produces prayers and liturgy in conjuction with Te Rautini and also in collaboration with other Christian prayer leaders in Aotearoa .  Allanah has a lovely heart for Maori people and feels delighted that more and more people are able to hear and connect to God through Te Reo as their heart language.

cross and Maori carving.png

Prayers in
Te Reo

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