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Building a Discipling Culture

date. Nov 2023

place. Aotearoa

Support for the promotion of the Building a Discipling Culture, NZ

The Arjay Trust is pleased to support the work of Building a Discipling Culture in NZ.  Originating from Australia, the BDC initiative is focused on building churches that embed discipleship into the DNA of their people, through online coaching and short in-person intensives.  A range of New Zealand churches from several denominations have taken up a unique opportunity to implement the Building a Discipling Culture mentoring process for two years.   Heavily supported from Australian philanthropists, churches in NZ are being introduced to whole new ways of being the kingdom of God in an authentic was in Aotearoa, NZ.  BDC has marshalled some of the best church leaders from healthy thriving churches and are harnessing their combined wisdom through the coaching process.  This is not just an add on programme to the already busy church schedule, but an entire rethink of what it means to mobilise a membership to actually reach people with the message of Jesus. 

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