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Strahan Coleman

date. 2021 - 2023

city. Tauranga

Strahan Coleman 2_edited.jpg


The Arjay Trust continues to support Strahan Coleman who has been working in the area of Prophetic Poetry for some years.  Through Instagram and his prayer books he has brought blessing to many people both in NZ and overseas.  His careful linguistic crafting of language opens a window into the heavens for those who want to find reality in God.  His words resonate with the cry of our hearts towards God even in times of bewilderment when God just doesn't seem to make sense or when God seems out of reach. Strahan has a wonderful gift to hear from God's heart as a common man and share comfort and challenge, peace and generosity with us all.   Through his own experiences of sickness and personal set back, Strahan delves into a very deep seam of human struggle, and confusion when it comes to God. Strahan has found that when our human efforts are exhausted - God enters the room. There are no simplistic answers here for pain or suffering but an invitation to sit and behold the presence of God himself.  Strahan's latest book 'Beholding' entices the reader to come and just sit, drink in God in all His facets and find wholeness.  Strahan's spirit always soars heavenward, drawing the listener to hope in God, for that is where lightness and love are found.   Strahan is now working on developing a film Studio in Tairua that will allow him to produce his material digitally for the benefit of Aotearoa and for Christians from around the world.  

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